Pro 20 Diver

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With twice the buoyancy compared to PRO10. The diver version gets the job done when lifting capacity is the most crucial factor. It has buoyancy of 120 newton inflated and can be deployed at a depth of down to 20 meters. The built in check valve ensures a controlled ascent to the surface which makes it an ideal safety companion for rescue divers and for those who just needs a little more lifting power.


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About Quicksave

Quicksave AB is a manufacturer of Professional Rescue Equipment for everybody working near, or in water. Quicksave AB product line of inflatable Rescue products are being used all over the world by firefighters, boat operators, search and rescue swimmers and Lifeguards. Certifications and current users follow, (email regarding QS Buoy or automatic (water activated) cartridge for the QS Belt)

Testing of Life-Saving Appliances:
MSC81(70), EN ISO 12401-9-2006/-
A1-2011 and EN ISO12402-5-2006/
A1-2011. Made by Force Technology, Copenhagen, Denmark.
US Patent: US 8951082 (Quicksave AB)

Coastguard: Sweden
Maritime Police: Sweden
Maritime Lifeboat institution: Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Firefighters/Rescue Swimmers France, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland
Lifeguard: Spain, France, New Zeeland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark.


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