QS Belt


QS BELT can also be inflated by pulling the chord which triggers the CO2 cylinder to inflate the belt and is easily reloaded after use with a new CO2 cylinder and is ready to be used again in a few minutes. QS BELT is an inflatable rescue belt that is excellent when you want the sense of security and automatically inflates in three seconds when it comes in contact with water. Do not forget to order the Cartridge for automatically function. QS BELT has a 160cm long extended arm which you can use to pull up someone on the boat, bridge or from an ice wake and has enough buoyancy to keep a full grown man secured on the surface and is your perfect safety compa­nion for water sports, ice skating or if you want to bring a small and lightweight rescue device on your vacation.


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About Quicksave

Quicksave AB is a manufacturer of Professional Rescue Equipment for everybody working near, or in water. Quicksave AB product line of inflatable Rescue products are being used all over the world by firefighters, boat operators, search and rescue swimmers and Lifeguards. Certifications and current users follow, (email info@triagelights.com regarding QS Buoy or automatic (water activated) cartridge for the QS Belt)

Testing of Life-Saving Appliances:
MSC81(70), EN ISO 12401-9-2006/-
A1-2011 and EN ISO12402-5-2006/
A1-2011. Made by Force Technology, Copenhagen, Denmark.
US Patent: US 8951082 (Quicksave AB)

Coastguard: Sweden
Maritime Police: Sweden
Maritime Lifeboat institution: Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Firefighters/Rescue Swimmers France, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland
Lifeguard: Spain, France, New Zeeland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark.


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