Everythingtactical.com The New Triage Lights

Our mission began on the battlefield with JSOC medics to simplify patient marking with a single triage light, four colors in one light. We actively engage with end-users to enhance, simplify and advance our offering, now with infrared capabilities. Over the last 10 years, we have worked to ensure warfighters and first responders have the most durable, longest lasting, tactical light with our patented four colors in one light.


Transitioning to Public Safety

Today several versions of E/T lights exist for a variety of marking and signaling purposes. Ideal for night time adverse conditions, mass casualty incidents, active shooter, tactical scenarios. The E/T light continues its mission to enhance public safety and homeland security with the following accomplishments:

IAB The inter-Agency Board has assigned the E/T Light to two standardized equipment IAB reviewed, SEL #’s 03OE-03-GLRL, & 09MS-01-TTAG

Designated by DHS’s “Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology”

 Designated by DH’s Safety Act “Approved Product for Homeland Security”

Associated with the DoD’s DPSI (Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative)

2017-2018 Defense to Response Technology Transition Program winner


EverythingTactical.com is the New Triage Lights

Graduating the Defense to Response program and with the guidance of Texas A&M Engineering Extensions Service’s Product Development Center (TEEX PDC), we proudly are rebranding Triage Lights to EverythingTactical.com. As the proud founder and patent holder of E/T Lights, we aim to promote this versatile, tactical lights to the hobbies of our original users: hunters, fisherman, boaters, hikers, cavers, divers, boy scouts, etc.


Beyond E/T Lights

We are passionate about the use of Light to enhance operations and public safety. We have also developed:

  • The Compass Light fits under a SUUNTO to M-9 wrists compass
  • 21st Century Technology meets visual signaling for citizens to signal their status and communicate with up to three loved ones.
  • Disaster ID- the 21st century SOS, illuminates your IOS, Andriod or Google device to communicate with first responders.

SCTRCA Certifications





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